Virtual Keynote Speaker Alexander Van BurenAlexander Van Buren is a virtual keynote speaker and trainer.

His topics include internet marketing, motivation, productivity, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

His internet marketing sub-topics include Blogging, Digital Product Creation, Making Money Online,  Email Marketing, Consulting For Cash Flow, Copywriting, Affiliate Marketing, and Online Lead Generation.

Van Buren will deliver a presentation at your online event, or prepare and deliver an entire online presentation for your team.

His presentations can include:

  • Q and A
  • PowerPoint
  • Surveys
  • Stories and motivational segments
  • Audience interaction in the chat

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Virtual Keynote Speaker Topics

Here are brief overviews of some of Alexander’s virtual keynote speaker topics.


Internet Marketing Presentations

Learn the techniques being used by several of the top internet marketers in the world. See sub-topics below. Additional topics can include the Mental Game of Internet Marketing.


Virtual Keynote – Blogging

This presentation will show you how to set up a blog, do keyword research, think like a startup, monetize your blog, and create an ongoing stream of valuable content for your audience. In addition, several different revenue models are introduced as ways to monetize your blog.


Digital Product Creation

Learn the basics of creating digital products, online courses, and other online assets.


Virtual Keynote – Making Money Online

This presentation is a dynamic overview of what it really takes to succeed online and generate passive income via the internet. The fundamental skills of digital marketing are covered, along with best practices and keys for internet success. This presentation is designed to get beyond the hype and get down to what really drives online revenue and digital marketing success.



Copywriting is a required skill for digital marketing success. It has been defined as ‘Salesmanship On A Page.’  Copywriting affects every single thing you do online. It is what grabs attention, holds interest, compels action, and makes the sale. Without good copy, no blog, video, email, or web page can be effective. Above all, copywriting is how you build a good relationship with your online audience in emails, blogs, videos, ads, social media, and more.

This presentation will show you how to write GREAT attention-grabbing copy, and how to use it to get the click, the inquiry, and the order.


Email Marketing

Learn the power of email marketing and how to use it to build big email lists, market and sell products and services, and create a loyal audience of followers. Email marketing is very much alive and well, and is one of the most powerful ways to make money online. This presentation includes a powerful module on copywriting and how to use it in your email marketing.


Consulting For Cash Flow

This presentation is about how to use internet marketing skills to create tremendous value for businesses, and structure an agreement in which you are paid based on the bottom-line value you create.


Affiliate Marketing

Learn what affiliate marketing really is, how to do it, and how to make it profitable. Discover how to choose a niche, find products to promote, and generate traffic to your affiliate offers and links.


Online Lead Generation

Traffic is the life-blood of your internet business. It can be created by FREE or PAID methods. This presentation will teach you 7 of the best ways to create an ongoing stream of qualified traffic.