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WHAT YOU MUST KNOW: The traditional strategic planning model is DEAD.  A classic strategic plan is useless the moment it is finished.


This is because our world is changing so fast and in such extreme ways, it is essential to learn and cultivate a high degree of strategic flexibility for turbulent times. This is what real strategic planning is all about now.


Most business owners don’t know what strategy actually is, much less have one. But it’s not their fault, because the term Strategy has become watered down in our society.


A Strategy is not a goal, a set of initiatives, or a plan.


Strategy is first and foremost about accurately diagnosing a problem.


Then it concentrates entirely on creating an overall approach for solving that problem.


And finally, a Strategy must always include a unique set of coherent actions that lay out a clear path for implementing the overarching approach that has been selected for solving the problem.


Cultivating Flexible Business Strategy is about continuously identifying and tracking a variety of social, economic, and political factors that will have the greatest impact on your business. It means having warning signals and triggers set up that will let you know when it’s time to pivot and respond should any number of future possible scenarios occur.


Flexible Business Strategy is a continuous iterative process and involves

  • Identifying extreme yet likely possible future scenarios
  • Pinpointing important strategic options
  • Minimum viable resources to enact strategic options
  • Conducting experiments before changing directions
  • Warning signals to know when to change course
  • Establishing a system for in-time and ongoing monitoring
  • Acquiring personal patterns for staying highly adaptable to changing conditions
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Strategic Business


Here are some of the most powerful ways to quantum leap the results you’re getting online. I call them Strategic Business Catalysts.

An Internet Strategy

Most companies don’t really have one and for that reason alone, their online results are nowhere near as effective as they could be.


Copywriting is ‘Salesmanship on a page’. It’s what captures interest, keeps it, creates urgency, compels, and makes the sale.

Webinar Funnels

Webinars are online sales presentations. They are an optimum way to sell high ticket products and services online.

Digital Product Creation

Digital products can add automated income streams to your business that make you money while you sleep, and create the leverage necessary to scale your business exponentially.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Your sales funnel is the clickthrough path a visitor takes that guides them from “just interested” to becoming a customer. 

Traffic Automation

Traffic is the ‘Life Blood’ of your internet efforts. Automated traffic is like having a blood transfusion! Nothing can catapult your business to an entirely new level of sales like automating a lot of qualified traffic.


Scaling a proven revenue model is a way to “take it to the max”. Scaling can be done vertically or horizontally. When you scale, you multiply the output of your online revenue system without requiring a commensurate amount of resources like time, money, or energy. 


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Quantum Leap

How It’s Done

What holds you back from attaining an entirely new level of results?

Something beyond your conscious awareness.

That is, in fact, why it’s been preventing you from a new level of achievement. Yet once you become conscious of those limiting patterns, beliefs, presuppositions, self-talk, etc. – real and lasting change becomes effortless.

Then it’s simply a matter of generating new and better resources. These new resources will be unique to you. Once they are habits, they constitute a new and stable configuration in consciousness that moves through time automatically. They displace the limitations. They open up entirely new possibilities. And they make all the difference.

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